Friday, April 2, 2010

Font Testing

I think I'm just about done with the first pass on bitmap font work. I still need to provide convenience methods for determining size of blocks of text and paragraph support as well as creating a system to dynamically generate bitmapped fonts via AWT at runtime, but I think I've finally knocked out all the major bugs. Here is a prettier example using the AngelCode fonts I've been working on:

Finally starting to look like something useful and less like a crappy hobby project, but still a long way to go. Anyway, here's the source:

package org.sgine.render

import org.sgine.math.mutable.Matrix4

import javax.imageio.ImageIO

import org.lwjgl.opengl.GL11._


object TestFonts {
 def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
  val r = Renderer.createFrame(1024, 768, "Test Fonts")

  val franklinFont = AngelCodeFont(Source.fromURL(getClass.getClassLoader.getResource("resource/Franklin.fnt")), getClass.getClassLoader.getResource("resource/Franklin.png"))
  val arialFont = AngelCodeFont(Source.fromURL(getClass.getClassLoader.getResource("resource/Arial.fnt")), getClass.getClassLoader.getResource("resource/Arial.png"))
  val lcdFont = AngelCodeFont(Source.fromURL(getClass.getClassLoader.getResource("resource/lcd.fnt")), getClass.getClassLoader.getResource("resource/lcd.png"))
  val m1 = Matrix4().translate(x = -400.0, z = -1000.0)
  val m2 = Matrix4().translate(x = -100.0, y = -50.0, z = -1000.0)
  val fps = FPS(1.0, lcdFont)
  val a = new Array[() => Unit](5)
  a(0) = MatrixState(m1)
  a(1) = () => franklinFont.drawString("Franklin Gothic Heavy with a blue gradient.", true)
  a(2) = MatrixState(m2)
  a(3) = () => arialFont.drawString("Standard Arial", false)
  a(4) = fps
  r.renderable := RenderList(a)

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