Sunday, May 2, 2010

ColorNode and Render Sorting

I followed the same approach for ColorNode as I did for MatrixNode and now have the ability to define hierarchical color and alpha in Sgine. With this addition I started playing with TestCube to see how well it worked translucent. Unfortunately because I was not doing any sorting on the render list I end up with some undesirable effects:

With a simple modification to sort based on depth I now get this:

I'm doing the sort per render, which I'm sure is incredibly inefficient, but my framerate dropped from 3000fps to 2900fps in this example. I need to spend some time and make it only sort upon change, which in the test cube scenario would probably not make a lot of difference in performance since it's swapping positions every few frames, but will increase the efficiency in less frequently changing scenes.

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  1. Very Cool! Keep up the good work! I believe this engine will help make this awesome language popular.


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