Friday, June 3, 2011

NeHe Tutorials

In an effort to validate and test the functionality of the OpenGL Generator and derived implementations I have started porting the NeHe tutorials over to Sgine. If you aren't familiar with the NeHe tutorials they are a great resource to learn the fundamentals of OpenGL. I recently finished porting the first chunk to Sgine and wanted to post pictures and links to source. I start here with Lesson 2 since Lesson 1 is all setup and doesn't really apply to what I'm trying to show.

Lesson 02

Sgine Source code

Lesson 03

Sgine Source code

Lesson 04

Sgine Source code

Lesson 05

Sgine Source code

I'm not sure how many more of the NeHe tutorials I'll port as they require a lot of boiler plate to properly represent the OpenGL aspects of the code and my main goal with Sgine is to minimize boiler plate and complexity. However, this does serve as a good test base for OpenGL functionality on both desktop and Android device.

I am currently in the process of defining a good texturing / image abstraction layer for the rendering paradigm and will likely be posting about that in the near future.


  1. it seems the sgine-source links don't work anymore..

  2. @kr sorry about that, the latest code relies on libgdx now instead of directly against LWJGL so the NeHe tutorials were no longer very useful. However, I've updated the links to point to the older code so they should work now.


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